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Instructions for Preparation of Loss/Damage Claim Form
* Please read this enitire page before clicking on the link below to submit your claim*

Fraud Warning: Please note that any fraudulent claim filed with our
office will be reported to the proper authorities for investigation.


1. No claim will be considered properly presented until the company has received the completed signed claim form indicating a demand for a specific amount of money. ALL CLAIMS MUST BE SUBMITTED TO I.T.I. WITHIN 45 DAYS OF DELIVERY FOR REGULAR HOUSEHOLD GOOD SHIPMENTS OR WITHIN 48 HOURS OF DELIVERY FOR ALL OTHER SHIPMENTS.  Please refer to your insurance certificate if you are unsure which claim filing deadline applies to your shipment. 

The container and contents should be preserved in the condition received until the survey or inspection has been completed unless further damage would result. The insurance company reserves the right to inspect and verify all reported damages or to ask for substantiation of any claimed amounts. Appraisal fees are not covered by this certificate. The disposal or additional transport of any damaged item(s) is prohibited unless approval has been obtained from I.T.I. or your claim has been completed.

2. Filing a claim online:

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You will need to provide the following on your claim form:
Email address: Enter your email address; All correspondence must be in writing.
Street address: Enter your street mailing address.
City: Enter the city for your mailing address.
State or country: Enter the state if in USA or country for your mailing address.
Zip code: Enter zip code for your mailing address if applicable.
Phone:  Enter the best phone number to reach you.
Phone other:  Enter an alternative phone number.
Pack date: Enter the date that the movers packed your shipment.
Pick up date: Enter the date that the movers picked up your shipment.
Delivery date:  Enter the date that the movers delivered your shipment.
Packed by:  Tell us who packed your shipment.
Unpacked by:  Tell us who unpacked your shipment.
In storage:  Did your shipment go into storage?  Select yes or no.
Storage location:  Enter the name & location of the storage warehouse.
Storage dates:  Enter the dates that your goods were in storage.
Other insurance: Do you have any other insurance covering this shipment?  Select yes or no.
Signature: Enter your name in this section as your digital signature.
Additional Information:  Enter any comment you have regarding contact or shipment information.

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All items must be entered individually. You cannot group items unless they are the same items such as glassware, dishes, etc. Failure to list each item individually will result in our office requesting you to file a corrected claim form.

For each items being claimed, you will also need to provide the following information:
Inventory number: Whenever possible, indicate the corresponding "number" shown on the inventory. On packed items, indicate the carton number.  If the movers did not assign a number, enter "none".
Where item is insured on the form completed for insurance (Example: kitchen, bedroom, etc.): Whenever possible, indicate where you insured the item on your valued inventory form.  If you did not complete a valued inventory form, enter "none".
Item: Describe each item for which claim is being made. If claiming for missing items, the contents of the cartons must be identified as accurately as possible.
Damage: Indicate type (damaged or missing), severity, and location of damage on each article. 
Item age, acquired date, original cost, replacement cost: Please complete entries in these columns as accurately as possible.
Amount claimed: If the claim is for damage, enter only the cost of repairing the item. If the claim is for loss, enter the replacement cost of the missing item or the amount stated on the valued inventory. The Underwriter reserves the right to require proof of ownership and/or value of any item claimed damaged or missing.
Currency: Please select the currency of your amount claimed.
Item comments:  Enter any comment you have regarding this specific item.

3. Salvage: If the Underwriters replace, make a total loss payment, or pay the insured amount as shown on the valued inventory for a damaged article, they, at their option, have the right to salvage the damaged article. The Underwriters also reserve the right to inspect and verify the claimed damages on any item.

4. On claims for damages to household good items, WE REQUIRE BOTH PICTURES AND REPAIR ESTIMATES. Repair estimates should be made by an appliance/furniture repair firm, or marine surveyor, on their letterhead. Appraisal fees are not covered by this insurance contract. DO NOT PROCEED WITH REPAIRS WITHOUT WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION FROM I.T.I.

5. Please forward the mover's inventory, delivery exceptions, bill of lading, assured's copy of insurance certificate, and other documents to support the claim to our office unless specifically handled by your mover.

6. If the damage exceeds US$1,000.00, a survey MAY be required. Upon notification of a claim, I.T.I. will immediately assign a survey agent if it is deemed necessary.

7. In order to protect the Underwriter's interest and your interest, we ask that you IMMEDIATELY write a letter to the air or ocean carrier who transported your shipment and also to the origin and destination agents unless specifically handled by your mover. Advise them that loss or damage has occurred to your property. Forward copies of these letters to our office.


If you have any questions, please send an email to Be certain to include your name and reference number. A reply may be expected within 10 business days.


If you have all the required information listed above and understand the instructions, please click here to proceed with filing your claim.