Pet Relocation Insurance...

Sharing your home with a faithful and lovable pet such as a cat or a dog is one of the great joys in life for many people. They offer us love and loyalty, companionship and protection. It is not surprising therefore that they quickly win their way into our hearts as our four-legged family members and they share in the ups and downs life has to offer us. Unfortunately, there are times when we have to relocate our families to accommodate new work or life situations.

In order to protect your family from the unexpected when relocating a beloved pet, we are now offering the following pet relocation insurance.

1) Airport to Airport Coverage (mandatory)
2) Quarantine Coverage (optional)
3) Inland Transit to Airport in Country of Origin Coverage (optional)
4) Inland Transit from Airport County of Destination Coverage (optional)

If you are a pet relocation company and would like additional information on the insurance coverage available for your customer's pets, please contact